Save Hundreds Per Week at Grocery Budget Makeover

Grocery Makeover

Do you struggle to keep your grocery spending in check? Do you wish you could cut back your food spending and save hundreds per week?

Keeping grocery costs down can be tough. I used to waste so much money on grocery shopping. I tried everything, even extreme couponing, but it never worked. Then, I discovered the secret to saving money on groceries. 

Save Hundreds a Week on Groceries

Everything changed when I discovered The Grocery Budget Makeover. It’s an online class that completely changes the way you approach grocery shopping. The class was fantastic. Not only did it change the way I managed my grocery shopping experience, but it cut our grocery bill in half. 

The class is $49, but I made up for that quickly by reducing my grocery spending by hundreds of dollars each week. There are also payment plans available.

I’m always on the lookout for ways to help you with your money situation. I know this class will make a huge difference in your life. 

What You Get With the Class

This class is very thorough. The classic edition has 10 video lessons, 10 lesson worksheets, and access to a Facebook support group. The extreme edition includes all of that plus 3 Accountability & Group Coaching Calls with Erin, Bonus Video & Worksheet: Store Hopping, and Bonus Video & Worksheet: Deep Dive Couponing. It’s worth it! you will never shop the same again.

How to Register

The Grocery Budget Makeover is taught by Erin Chase.  First, you can take her free introductory workshop here.  Registration for the actual class is only open for a week starting September 6th. If you click over to her site right now and register for her waiting list, then you will be the first to get in when it’s time. If you are reading this post between Sept. 6th to Sept. 11th then you can register here, but if you go before or after those dates then the link won’t work. Be sure to sign up for the waiting list until the link goes live.

It’s worth every penny, plus she has a payment plan if you need it. I’m so grateful that I took her class and cut my grocery bill in half!

Save Hundreds per week with grocery budget makeover

If you are looking for help to set up a budget, click here. Come back soon for more money management advice from a professional accountant, entrepreneur, and college instructor. I can teach you to prepare your taxes, start a business, budget, be frugal, make more money, save money, and so much more!

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