Save Some SERIOUS CASH with Discounted Gift Cards!

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Buy a Gift Card for Less than Face Value

Do you find it hard to shop for gifts for certain people? You know the ones… the guy who has everything or the girl who is picky. A gift card works great for people like that. But, wouldn’t it be great if you could get a gift card for way less than face value? You can! There are many websites that sell discounted gift cards.

They get these cards from people who would rather have cash than a gift card. They sell them to the site for less than they are worth, then the site sells them to the public. You can really save some BIG BUCKS by buying them to make your everyday purchases like groceries, clothes, and more. 

Top 7 Discount Gift Card Sites

  •  Raise has a wide selection of discounted gift cards on everything from clothing to movie theaters, restaurants, grocery stores, sports stores, and more. The savings can be anywhere from 5% off to over 20% off. They also offer a $5 bonus if you refer a friend. If you use this link to signup, they will you give a free $5 credit to start with.

  • This site is another great option. You can save as much as 35% on some of their cards. They also offer a referral program just like Raise. Sign up here to get a free $5 to start your account.

  • This site offers discounted gift certificates for restaurants up to 50% off. They sometimes even offer movie tickets and $25 towards a restaurant for only $15. That’s one of my favorite deals. Ebates will give you up to 10% back on purchases made at Sign up here for or here for Ebates.

  • Ebay. You might not have realized that Ebay sells a small variety of discounted gift cards at their PayPal Digital Gifts discount page, but they also sell coupons. I’m not talking about the kind of coupons that only save you a dollar. The coupons that sell on Ebay are things like 10% off your purchase at a hardware store for only $1. If you are making a big purchase at Lowes or Home Depot and use the 10% off in combination with a discounted gift card, you could be saving hundreds of dollars. They have coupons for other retailers too. If you know you are going to shop somewhere specific, you could check there first. Ebates will give you a 5% cash-back rebate on Ebay purchases.
  • Costco and Other Warehouse Stores. Whenever I want to go out to my favorite restaurant, I often pick up a $100 gift card for 15-20% off at Costco first. I’ve done it quite a few times. They don’t have a huge selection of gift cards, but they usually have some pretty good local ones for restaurants, movie theaters, and sometimes theme parks.

Top Tips!

When selecting an online discount gift card company, there are some things to watch out for before purchasing. Make sure that they offer a money-back guarantee, especially if you are receiving the gift card by email. You don’t want to get stuck with a code that doesn’t work. 

Let’s Talk Strategy!

A good strategy is to check for discounted gift card first, once you plan to buy something. That way you never have to pay full price again! You can also get cash-back rebates on your purchases if you go through Ebates or Swagbucks first and then click over to your favorite discount card site. Use your credit card with reward points to buy it and get even more money back. (As long as you plan on paying back the credit card asap! Consumer credit cards are a rip off when you carry a balance more than 30 days.)

Here’s an illustration of a good way to work the deals.

I knew I wanted to eat out at TGI Fridays. So I went through Ebates to Raise and saw a $100 gift card for $78.50 (21.5% off). I bought it with my rewards Visa that gave me 2% back. Ebates gave me a rebate of 1%. Plus I had a referral bonus sitting in Raise for referring a friend and I had a $5 bonus from when I first signed up for the account.

So this is how it all works out:

Card price on Raise: $78.50

– rebate from Ebates of  $0.78

– Visa Rewards $1.57

– free $5 for opening a new account

-$5 referral bonus for referring a friend

= total paid $66.15

for a $100 gift card. Savings of $33.85 or 33.85% off the original price!

If you paired this concept with stores that are running special sales or coupons, you could save even more. Why pay full price when you don’t have to?

Be sure to only buy what you need and never buy something just because it is on sale.

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