Save Up to $1,190 per Year Making Your Own Bread

Save a Bundle of Cash by Making Your Own Bread

Bread baking is one of the tastiest ways to save money on groceries. Especially when you have a 4-step bread recipe like mine. There is nothing better than a warm slice of mom’s buttered bread. Plus, it is a lot easier to make than most people think.

Making your own bread can save you up to $1,190 per year or more, depending on how much your family normally eats. Keep reading to get a great bread recipe, awesome freezer jam recipe, and useful bread making tips.

How Much Does It Cost to Make Your Own Bread?

Let’s do a price comparison. A regular loaf of bread usually costs between $2 to $4. Organic bread usually runs higher, around $3 to $5. And if you need gluten-free options, you are looking at more like $4 to $7.

Now, let’s do a calculation to see how much homemade bread costs. You can make 2 loaves of bread with one recipe.

Ingredients (Makes 2 Loaves):

6-1/2 cups (2 pound) all-purpose white flour: At Walmart: $0.32 per pound x 2 = $0.64; At Sam’s Club $0.22 per pound x 2 = $0.44

1 packet of yeast (2-¼ teaspoons):  1 jar at Walmart $4.58 = $0.29 per packet; Sam’s Club- 2lb package $4.48 = $0.04 per packet

3 tablespoons sugar: Walmart: $15.51/ 25 lb bag = $0.06 for 3 tbsp.; Sam’s Club: $23.23/ 50lb bag= $0.03 for 3 tbsp

1 tablespoon salt: Walmart $0.98 for 1.625 lbs or $0.02 per tbsp.; Sam’s Club:$1.46 for 4lb box or $.01 per tbsp.

2 tablespoons canola oil: Walmart $6.18 per gallon or $0.12 for 2 tbsp.; Sam’s Club: $7.98 for 6 quarts or $0.04 for 2 tbsp.

2-¼ cups warm water

Total recipe price using Walmart ingredients:  $1.13 for 2 loaves or $0.57 per loaf so Total Savings is $1.43 over a store bought $2.00 loaf. If you bought the $4 loaf then you would be saving $3.43

Total recipe price at Sam’s Club: $0.56 for 2 loaves or $0.28 per loaf. You would save $1.72 per loaf if you bought the $2 priced store loaf. Or you would save $3.72 if you bought the $4 loaf.

This represents up to $3.72 savings per loaf. The average person eats 80 loaves of bread a year. For one person you would save $297.60 per year. For a family of 4 that equals $1,190.40 savings per year. For a family of 6 that is $1,785.60 savings per year.

Your savings would be similar if you make gluten-free or organic bread instead of buying. It’s totally worth it to make your own bread. Imagine what you could do with $1,785.6 extra per year.

It Isn’t As Hard to Bake Bread As People Think

Making bread is actually pretty easy. It only has four steps.

To print this recipe, right click over the picture for options.

See, 4 steps isn’t that difficult, right? The first part only takes about 20 minutes. Once you have it cooking, it will fill up your house with a nice aroma. Get the butter ready! Warm bread is delicious!

Enjoy Your Bread With The Best Jam Recipe Ever

When I make Strawberry Freezer Jam for my kids, they think they are getting a dessert. It’s that good! They use it up so fast, I sometimes don’t even get any before I have to open another container. Combine this jam with homemade bread and you will be in heaven.

The recipe for homemade strawberry freezer jam comes straight from the back of the pectin pouch. The image below has the recipe. It’s fantastic. I use either Ball RealFruit Instant Pectin or Mrs. Wages:

What about you? Will you make your own bread now that you know how much you can save?

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