14 Tips to Save Big on Holiday Shopping

Don’t risk your life and sanity during Black Friday. Get great deals and save before and after the shopping craze with these easy tips! You’ll be sure to save big this holiday season.

1. Eye on the Prize save big, holiday, lady at desk, computer

The prices of items you want are always fluctuating online. You might be able to snag the best deal if you are constantly checking your favorite websites like Amazon and Bestbuy, but you could still miss it.

Camelcamelcamel.com helps you track the price of the items you want so you can get the most savings. Search a product, and a graph will pop up showing you the item’s price history. If the price is at a low, now’s the time to buy!

2. Let the Invisible Hand Give You a Hand

Love to shop online? So do we! If you want to get the best prices then install Get Invisible Hand onto your computer or phone. This extension will let you know if there are better deals at another retailer for the items you are browsing.

3. Save Tons on Tuesdays

Retailers usually have the sweetest discounts and deals on Tuesdays according to a report from the New York Times. Shop early on Tuesday to get the best offers!

4. Late Night Shopping Dealssave big, holiday, dark laptop

Although sales begin in the early morning, retailers sometimes start their sales for the next day after six at night. So, waiting until a little later in the day might help you grab those offers early, and you can sleep in too!

5. Price Match

Always check retailer prices online before you shop. Even if you don’t buy the item online, cashiers will often match prices on their website if you ask! Try it at Walmart and Target.

6. Always check for coupons

If you are shopping online there are usually promo codes, so make sure to use them! Before you buy anything, go to the store’s website and see if there is a scannable coupon you can use in the store. Also, many retailers give a percentage off discount just for signing up for their free rewards clubs. Often you can sign up and use the coupon the same day. When in doubt, ask the cashier if there are store coupons/discounts you can use on your purchase.

7. Sit Back and Relax!save big, holiday, legs out car window

According to consumer reports, the most fabulous deals on electronics are usually available after Black Friday and Cyber Monday but before December 13th. You may even get better discounts the week before Christmas.

8. Buy New Clothes AFTER Christmas

Wait until January to buy clothes as this is when you find the best clearance discounts. Also, there are certain times during the year when specific items are at the lowest prices. Check out our Guide to the best time of year to buy things.

9. Don’t Book Just Yet

According to DealNews.com, international airfare is much cheaper in January and February. So, why not have and after-the-holidays getaway instead and spend the saved cash on fun stuff?

10. Turn Your Phone into a Price Scanner save big, holiday, smartphone lady with boots

Try the Redlaser app and scan the barcodes of items you are buying. It will notify you of similar deals you can find online, so you get the best price!

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11. Cheat With a Calculator

Make sure you know what you are buying, and where your money is going, by using the Discount Calculator. Enter the price of the item, sales tax, and the discount or deal so you will never be surprised or stressed at the register again.

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12. Make a list and Check it Twice save big, holiday, checklist

The more choices, deals, and products you are bombarded with, the more stress it can create for you. When you are overwhelmed and stressed, you become prone to bad decisions, impulse buys, and overspending. Avoid the hassles by making and sticking to your list.

13. Let the Music Calm You

Preparing for the holidays can be very stressful, and all that stress makes you want to spend more money! Retail therapy is not always a smart choice, especially if you are on a budget. Listen to soothing music while you shop and avoid breaking the bank.


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