I Hated Couponing Until I Found These Apps!

Do you wish you could use coupons, but you don’t know how? If it was easier, would you do it? Well, it just got easier!

Ok, I’m going to confess. I watched a cable show a few years ago called, “Extreme Couponing,” and I got this crazy idea that somehow I could replicate their results. So I looked up all the couponing info online, got a coupon binder, and set to work.

Well, guess what? I was terrible at it. Mainly because it is so time consuming and has such a low payout. Plus in order to do the extreme couponing, I would have to buy stuff I didn’t even need or want. So I gave up. After that, I would only use coupons every now and then when one was staring me in the face because it was plastered to a product in the grocery store.

Then, I discovered some apps that completely changed couponing forever. These apps make it so much easier, and I don’t even have to clip a single coupon. No binders. No hunting and clipping. It’s the perfect mix of technology and savings.

I have reviewed the top 19 couponing apps available so you can choose the right one for you. (This article contains affiliate links.)

The Top 19 Couponing Apps Available

1. Ibotta

couponing apps, dark lady with phone

This rebate app helps you save on many items you buy, both name brand and generic, fresh food and packaged items. Just select the rebates you want before shopping. To activate the rebates, there are quick videos or questions to answer. Then, after your purchase, take a picture of your receipt. Once you earn $20 in rebates, receive a check via PayPal or Venmo. Get a $10 credit when you sign up with this link.

  • Cost:  Free
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • Pros: You can get rebates on items from 239 stores.
  • Cons: You have to do “tasks” like watching a little video to unlock rebates.

Is it for me?:  If you want to easily earn cash on things you’d usually buy and don’t mind having to watch a few quick videos to get it.

2. Mr. Rebates

For online shopping, this app usually gives you the highest rebate. When you refer a person to use their service, you end up earning rebates from their online shopping too. Get a $5 credit when you sign up with this link.

  • Cost:  Free                                                                                               
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • Pros: You can get rebates on just about any online shopping. Amazing referral benefits.
  • Cons: You have to go to their site first to get to online merchants.

Is it for me?: If you shop online regularly, you can expect to get substantial rebates, plus the referrals really start to pay off.

3. SnipSnap

Just take a picture of a paper coupon with the SnipSnap app! The app converts it into a digital coupon with a scannable barcode you use at the store, and all the coupons are saved on the app. Snipsnap keeps track of the date of expiration on each coupon you upload and will remind you to use it before it expires. (This app only allows you to use retail coupons, not manufacturer’s coupons.)

  • Cost: Free
  • Compatability: Android, IOS
  • Pros: Easy to understand set-up, coupons scan. Makes couponing smooth and speedy. Works well for store discounts, at the mall, independent & national stores
  • Cons: Some coupons are for certain geographic areas. Some store clerks aren’t familiar with the app and redeeming coupons may take some explaining and direction on your part.

Is it for me?: Helps you turn your paper coupons into electronic ones.

4. Ebates

This is another rebate app for online shopping. They usually have pretty good rebates as well. They can pay through PayPal and you can get your rebates without meeting a minimum balance. Easy to use. If you sign up here, you get $10 free.

  • Cost: Free
  • Compatability: Android, IOS
  • Pros: Easy to use. You can install it on your browser or use an app. They send your money quickly.
  • Cons: Sometimes they have lower rebates than Mr. Rebates.

Is it for me?: Useful if you shop online a lot.

5. Checkout 51

couponing apps, thumbs up ladyCheckout 51 is another excellent way to get rebates on things you’re already planning to buy, so there’s no pressure to buy products you don’t need. Once you get home from shopping, use the app to take a picture of the receipt. Based on the savings available, the app puts a cash rebate into your app account. After you’ve racked up $20, you can continue racking up cash or have a check sent to you.
  • Cost: Free
  • Compatability: Android, iOS
  • Pros: Not a coupon app, just gives you cash back on things you are already going to buy.
  • Cons: Need to quickly upload the receipt as there are limited amounts of rebates for specific items. Works at grocery stores, national & independent retailers.

Is it for me?: If you don’t like searching for coupons or find it a hassle to scan them at the register, you might want to try it.

6. Grocery iQ

couponing apps, vegetables on shelfSave bundles at the grocery store! First, create your grocery list on the app, then use it to search coupons at the stores you like to find savings for the things on your list. Add items by voice and also share lists with people in your household, so you don’t forget anything! Upload your loyalty card info and attach coupons to the card which apply automatically at checkout. You may have to print out a few coupons as not all are scannable.

  • Cost: Free
  • Compatability: Android, iOS
  • Pros: Compatible with lots of store loyalty cards. Allows you to create a shopping list just for you. (helps you avoid buying things you don’t need)
  • Cons: Still have to print out some coupons. It takes a bit of time to make lists.

Is it for me?: It keeps track of your coupons. Helps you with making and sticking to a grocery list.

7. Shopkick

couponing apps, excited woman with braid

Want to get free money even if you don’t buy anything? Shopkick lets you find deals, and gives you points just for walking into a store and alerts you to coupons and deals for that retailer. Redeem points in the form of gift cards to retail stores, and get even more by taking surveys, sharing on social media, etc. It’s possible to get from 50 to 200 points just for walking into a store. A $10 Target gift card, for example, is 2,500 points. If all you have to do to start earning is to walk into a store, why not try it?

  • Cost: Free
  • Compatability: Android, iOS
  • Pros: Earn points without purchasing anything, and alerts you to sales. It works at malls, national retailers, limited independent retailers, and grocery stores too.
  • Cons: Tracks your location using data, uses a lot of phone battery life.

Is it for me?: Great for when you’re just walking around the mall or going to a variety of different stores.

8. SavingStar

All you have to do to start saving money is link your loyalty cards to the app. Click the savings you want, and they connect to your loyalty cards. When you swipe or scan your loyalty card at checkout, the savings go to your SavingStar account. For some stores, you’ll need to save the receipt and scan it to add to the app. You only have to reach $5 to be able to redeem your savings! And, you can get your payment sent to your bank or through PayPal.

  • Cost: Free
  • Platforms: Android, iOS
  • Pros: Links loyalty cards to the app and finds savings.

Is it for me?: Easy to use, and you don’t have to wait long to redeem money. 

couponing apps, blueberries

9. Yowza

Yowza! That’s what you’ll be saying once you’ve tried out this excellent app! Since a lot of couponing apps require you to find and upload the coupons, you don’t always get the best deals, but with this app, the retailers upload the discounts and coupons. That’s a big deal considering they’ve got 70,000 retailers on the app! It helps you find savings in your area, but still lets you search for savings in different areas. Also, save coupons to your account and download/scan them at the register.

  • Cost: Free
  • Platforms: Android, iOS
  • Pros: Stores upload their coupons and savings. Works with national & independent retailers and grocery stores
  • Cons: Simple app, doesn’t have as many features as others.

Is it for me?: Good, if you want to use retailers’ coupons or support your area’s local businesses. Download from the App Store.

 10. CardStar

The problem with loyalty cards is that just about every store has a one and who has a wallet that big to fit them all? Also, they are easy to lose and hard to find at the register. Cardstar helps you to keep track of all your loyalty cards, so you don’t miss a deal! Just scan each card to the app, and at checkout, the clerk can just scan your phone instead of the card.  Cardstar also alerts you to discounts, special offers, and free stuff (if available) for each store. It also keeps loyalty card information like the number used to open the card.

  • Cost: Free
  • Compatability: Android, iOS
  • Pros: Keeps track of all your loyalty cards and alerts you to deals. Streamlines loyalty cards, lets you know about exclusive offers. Works at stores that have loyalty cards.
  • Cons: Might need to keep some loyalty cards handy because the app sometimes scans inaccurately.

Is it for me?: If you want an easy way to organize your loyalty cards and get alerts about special offers, it’s a good choice. Download from the app store.

11. couponing apps, canned pearsCoupon Sherpa

A handy app that works well for grocery stores! With Coupon Sherpa, you can search for coupons for individual items you want and coupons for regular and online stores. Search for coupons, and save them to your account. (You still have to print some coupons if they don’t have a barcode to scan). You can also keep stores you like in the app and get alerts to savings.

  • Cost: Free
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • Pros: You can find coupons for those specific products you want. Good for online and in-store buys. The app works for discounts, paper coupons and at grocery stores.
  • Cons: Need to print some coupons. Sometimes the deals found online are more dependable.
  • Is it for me?: Simple to use, much like old-fashioned couponing, but easier.

12. Yipit

Yipit helps you clean out your inbox from all those savings emails you get! All the savings offers are in one place, and Yipit shows you the sweetest deals each day. You create a profile, and the app knows your location, so it shows you things that are relevant to you and your life whether it’s travel, food, or clothing. Most major cities you’ll find on the app.

  • Cost: Free
  • Compatability: Android, iOS
  • Pros: Gets rid of all the overwhelming deals emails from your inbox and organizes them in the app for easy access. Suitable for chain and local retail discounts.
  • Cons: Might make you buy things you don’t need just because it’s on sale (resist temptation, friends!)

Is it for me?: Works in a lot of places, and makes your daily deals subscription more manageable.

13. Grocery Smarts

couponing apps, growing money

An app that takes the guesswork out of price comparisons and finding the best deals. It compares information from the local ads and manufacturer coupons to give you up-to-date information that will save you money at lots of favorite stores like Walmart and Target among others. You can also make a shopping list on the app. (Print version available if you want a hard copy).

  • Cost: Free
  • Compatability: Android, iOS
  • Pros: Easy to use, helps you compare prices to get the best savings, deals updated all the time, can create a shopping list
  • Cons: Doesn’t have tons of features and setup looks a bit boring.

Is it for me?: User-friendly, price comparison is accurate and straightforward, so you’re confident you got the best deal.

14. Cellfire

You just load coupons from your phone or computer onto your loyalty cards for various stores, and you get the discount or savings at checkout when you swipe your loyalty card.
  • Cost: Free
  • Compatability: Android, iOS
  • Pros: Easy to use, no coupon scanning, saves coupons to your loyalty card. Redeem by swiping card at checkout. Has a handy barcode scanner that lets you scan a barcode on a product, so you know the coupon will work for it. Has store alerts available to remind you about your coupons when you walk into a store.
  • Cons: It can take up to 24 hours for a “clipped” coupon to show up as “redeemed” once you’ve used it.

Is it for me?: Easy way to redeem coupons, reminds you to use them

15. Retailmenot

The Retailmenot app is a great way to save money at tons of different stores, and this app has over  50,000 retailers. Stores include Kohl’s, Macy’s, Petco, Domino’s and lots more. Add specific stores to your favorites, and you’ll get more suggestions for places relevant to you and your needs. Retailmenot has a lot of different savings from printable and digital coupons, to gift card deals, coupon codes, free shipping coupons, exclusives and product deals. You can also get percentages off a certain minimum purchase for online orders. Keep track of and share coupons with friends and get special offers on your birthday.
  • Cost: Free
  • Compatability: Android, iOS
  • Pros: Helps you find deals besides just coupons on thousands of retailers. Pops up when you are near a store with deals, and shows you coupons for the stores you are at already.
  • Cons: Sometimes certain retailers get confused or suspicious of the printable coupons if they aren’t familiar with the site (rarely happens though). Some deals can expire quickly.

Is it for me?: An easy way to keep track of deals and discounts for a very wide range of stores. The app gives reminders about nearby savings.

couponing apps, happy lady with phone16. Flipp

Need help sifting through the store ads? Flipp can help! This nifty app brings all the store ads to the palm of your hand. The app finds your location, or you type in your zip to find store ads near you. Or, search for a particular store or product. When you see a deal, click the product and clip it to the app to save. Also, the app compares prices for 300 plus stores like BestBuy, Target, and Walmart and will notify you when ads have expired.
  • Cost: Free
  • Compatability: Android, iOS
  • Pros: Create a list of favorite stores, easy to navigate, compiles all the ads you want in one place
  • Cons: You have to delete expired coupons manually. Extra information is not available when you tap an item.

Is it for me?: An easy way to organize all the store ads and find and save new deals on the app.

17. Mobisave

An easy new way to get cash back on your grocery bill! Download the app and create an account (doesn’t take long), then you’ll start seeing coupons! Search the categories for specific items and when you find a deal just save it to your account. After shopping, take a picture of the receipt, upload it to the app and receive credits to your account. When you want to redeem your cash, click the payout button, and you’ll get your money in about 24 hours. (most often takes only a couple hours).
  • Cost: Free
  • Compatability: Android, iOS
  • Pros: You can shop anywhere. This app has offers on many favorite brands and items, and you can get your money whenever you want, even if you’ve only got $0.50 in credits and it’s very quick! Also if you can’t get a signal in the store, you can still browse the app because everything goes through the app.
  • Cons: Sometimes don’t have as many savings as other coupon apps. Payout options are limited; you can only get your money through Paypal.

Is it for me?: It’s great if you want to just shop at your favorite places. There’s coupon clipping, and you get your money whenever you want it.

18. Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is a fun app for people with piles of receipts. You just take a picture of your receipt with the app and the app uses the receipt for market research. Since you uploaded a receipt, you are then “paid” in rewards called “coins,” “sweepstake tickets,” or “slot spins, ” and once you’ve acquired enough, you can get a cash payout.
  • Cost: Free
  • Compatability: Android, iOS
  • Pros:  Get cash on things you’ve already bought from tons of stores Potential to win bonuses and other prizes.
  • Cons: There are coin thresholds, so you can only earn a certain amount of rewards for your receipts each week, and every receipt after the limit is worth a lot fewer coins.  Not all receipts earn rewards. Takes a long time to get rewards (have to rack up a lot of coins). Have to be active. If you’re inactive after three months your account expires and you lose all your coins. Can take up to a week to get your payout. Only uses Paypal.

Is it for me?: A great way to make use of all the receipts you might otherwise throw away. No need to search for deals or anything. You get paid just for taking a picture of the receipt and uploading it, but it can take a while to rack up rewards.

couponing apps, cooking, tomatoes19. Snap by Groupon

An app by one of your favorite discount companies, Groupon! Snap helps consumers get money back when they buy specific items. Download the app, buy the promoted items with the savings, take a picture of the receipt and upload it to the app. It can take about 48 hours to see the rebate in your account. (Due to high volume of receipt uploads). So, once you’ve saved $20, you can get your payout.

  • Cost: Free
  • Compatability: Android, iOS
  • Pros:  You just buy the items you want that have savings and then upload the receipt. There is a good selection of items promoted by the app, and you get cash back by buying them from any store. Also, the high threshold can be a pro since it forces you to rack up the money until you’ve got a pretty good reward to enjoy ($20). The app connects you to about 70,000 online offers from a variety of retailers, including really popular ones and grocery stores.
  • Cons: Rewards are low ranging from $0.50 to $3 (typical for receipt apps). You have to save $20 before you can redeem. Cashouts take about two weeks to arrive, and sometimes as many as 60 days. The app is free, but after 12 months of inactivity the app will deduct money from your account until the balance reaches $0.00 to cover the “monthly account maintenance fee.”

Is it for me?: Snap is a pretty easy way to get cash back on the items with savings offers. Also, if you don’t mind waiting to get to the payout amount or for your check, then it’s not a bad deal!


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