Easy 5-Step-Plan for the Cheapest Easter Ever! (Free Budget and Planner Printable)

Have you ever gone to the store to get Easter supplies, planning to only buy a few things, but you end up buying the whole Easter section?  Ok, well maybe not the whole Easter section, but if you get up to the checkout and the total due surprises you, you might feel like you bought the whole Easter section.  If this is you, you might need a budget for the holiday. There is no need to overspend on Easter when there is an easy way to avoid it. With our free printable budget and planner, you can have an affordable and organized easter in just 5 steps.

Easy 5 Step Plan for the Ultimate Affordable Easter (with free printables!)

Step 1. Use the Easter Planner printable to plan out the whole day.

Planning actually gives you freedom from being an out of control spender. When you set limits ahead of time, you will know exactly what you need and what you don’t need before you ever head to the store. That way, once you get to the store, you will feel confident that you can stick to a budget and keep from adding to your debt by using credit cards.

With the planner, you can list out what food you will cook, what kinds of décor you will use, and what you plan to fill baskets with. Our Ultimate Easter Planner helps guide you through the steps of what you need to plan for. (link to printable below)

As you are filling out the planner, keep in mind that if you are inviting family or friends to your Easter celebration, it is ok to ask each guest to bring something like a side dish in order to spread out the cost and burden.  Most of the time, people are very willing to contribute on the holidays.

Step 2. Set up Easter Budget.

Budgeting is a great way to help reign in your spending before you end up buying the whole store. Because once you get to the checkout, it’s not easy to stop at that point.  And who is going to put stuff back after it is already in the bag?  You might think, well, I can return it if I change my mind, but seriously, how many times do you actually return things to the store?  It might be better to just avoid putting the items in your cart in the first place.  That’s where budgeting comes in. Use our printable Easter budget (below) to set up your spending plan.

Figure out how much you can afford to spend on Easter.  Be realistic in setting your spending limit because you will probably want to fill Easter baskets for your kids and have some money left over for décor and food for your Easter meal.  But you also don’t want to end up using money that you need for bills.  Easter is not the time to run up credit cards either. Believe me, once your kids are grown, they will not remember if you got them the deluxe, super-duper, maximum priced Easter basket or just one filled with Dollar Store items. So set your budget amount carefully based on what money you really have available.

Divide the budgeted amount into categories.  Decide how much of your budget is for Easter baskets and how much is for your Easter meal and décor and any other items you might need.  Not to worry, if you spend less in one category then you can reallocate the remainder to another category.

Step 3. Make a shopping list with stores listed that will have the cheapest items you need.

Use the shopping list printable below to list out what you need to complete your Easter plan.  Make a note of which stores will have the cheapest options for each category on your budget.   I know some people don’t like shopping at the Dollar Store, but it is the cheapest place around for Easter.  And you sometimes find some really great things there.  Regardless, listing your destinations ahead of time can prevent you from last minute changes to your plan.

Step 4. Look for coupons before heading to the store.

Taking the time to collect a few coupons before going shopping could mean the difference between sticking to your budget and going over. There are many places to find coupons including in the weekly flyers the stores mail you, online databases of printable coupons, and websites that help you with couponing.

Try some of these sites:  coupons.com, Krazy Coupon Lady

Step 5. Use your shopping list and a calculator while shopping.

Because you planned ahead, you shouldn’t need to buy anything that is not on the list. If you see something tempting that you want to throw in, just remember that you are on a mission.  Your mission is to only buy what is on the list and nothing else.

Besides, wouldn’t you rather have the money than some extra knick knack that will clutter up your house and get thrown out a few years down the road.  Think of all the money you spent to have all the little things around your house.  If you had that money instead of those things, you could go on an amazing vacation or buy something you really need. But instead you just have a bunch of stuff around your house. If this describes you, then it’s a great time to start telling yourself, “I would rather have the money!”.  So stick to your shopping list!

While shopping, use a calculator to track how much you have put in your cart.  If you go over your budgeted amount, put something back and look for a cheaper alternative.  If you don’t use the calculator, then you are sure to find a surprise at the checkout.

Even if you think you have a good estimate of what you put in your cart, you won’t know for sure without checking.  Don’t go to the checkout until you are sure you aren’t over budget.  This will take some self-control and the calculator will really help. You will feel a lot better about Easter if you control your spending.

What Next?

After completing your 5-step-plan for a cheaper Easter, evaluate how you did.  Were you over budget or did you keep within your budget?

If you stayed inside your budget, congratulate yourself on a job well done.  This is how you should approach all holidays.  Being frugal and keeping to a budget will help you in the long run by making sure you don’t rack up a bunch of debt.  It will also help you save for emergencies and for your future.

Here’s the link to the printables discussed above (in exchange for this printable, please pin this article to Pinterest, thanks!):  Get your free Easter Budget Planner and Shopping List

Good luck on your Easter planning! Hope you stick to your budget. Let us know how it went by sharing a comment below. Please sign up for our newsletter so you can get more free printables!

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