69 Ways to Start a Home Business Today

home business, lady on couch with dogWhat if you could work at home in your pajamas and make some serious money?

Millions of people are giving up their 9 to 5 for the comfort of their home. Not only can they make their own schedule, but they can often make more than they could by working for someone else. Anyone can start a home business, even you!

There are hundreds of business ideas that work great as a side hustle or as a full-time career, with little to no startup funds needed.  

69 Home Based Business Ideas:

1. Bookkeepinghome business, ledger

Being a freelance bookkeeper can be a great little side career that you can do from home. If you are an accountant or have taken a few bookkeeping classes at your local college, then this is for you. Earn over $50 per hour.

2. Uber Driver

A popular new ride-sharing company that you can make money at while still doing another job! All you need is to have a driver’s license, auto insurance and to pass a background check. It’s very easy to start, and you can decide what hours to work! Average $20 per hour or more and deduct your mileage on your taxes.

3. Graphic Design

Most graphic designers have a degree or some professional experience, but some have no college or experience and do just fine. All businesses need things designed like logos, posters, brochures, websites and other types of advertisements. There’s plenty of work out there. Many designers can work from home as a computer is all you really need. You can find graphic design work at places like Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr. You get to set your own rates.

4. Start a Blog

Yes, people really do make money from blogging! If you like sharing your ideas, especially in a certain area, you can have a successful blog. Patience is key since it takes time to gain followers, but with hard work, you can make it successful! Also, there are tons of resources out there to help you create a profitable blog including this free workbook that gives step-by-step instructions on how to start a blog.

5. Massage Therapist

A job you can do at your own home, or you can travel with a folding massage table to a client’s location. If you like to work with your hands and help people, this is a great choice. License standards depend on the state, but you can get help through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

6. Become a Doulahome business, baby

You may have heard of a birthing coach before, and this is exactly what a Doula is. They provide emotional support, physical help and labor tips and information to the expectant mother in a variety of locations. Although licensing isn’t required, it’s a good idea. DONA International is the certification board.You can work at home, although the scheduling is unpredictable (for obvious reasons). $500-1000 per birth is a normal Doula bill.

7. Inspect Homes

House inspectors make sure homes are in proper condition before they are sold. Becoming an inspector requires you to meet some state standards (depends on state). But, if you’ve got a little experience in the housing industry or construction this is definitely for you! Median Salary: $52,000

8. Be a Tax Preparer

If you’ve got some tax experience or are willing to take a few classes in it, this is a great job! Only two things are certain in life: death and taxes, so you’ll always be sure to get some work. More work will be available during tax season than other parts of the year, but it’s still a good side career. You don’t need to go to college for this job. Just go through the H&R Block training course and you’ll be set. You could easily charge $300 or more per tax returns. 

9. Interior Design

Good at home decor? Be an Interior Designer! You don’t necessarily need a certification or degree, but it helps to understand design so you can meet your clients’ wants and needs. Median Salary: $46,280

10. Stylist

Got manicure and hair cutting experience? You can start a home-salon! State requirements for home salons can be strict, so be sure to follow them. 

11. Become a Virtual Assistanthome business, lady typing

Another job you can do at home with a computer and phone! A virtual assistant works for a person needing an assistant or for a business. Work consists of managing blogs, shopping, answering emails or calls, entering data, or scheduling. You can make a full-time wage doing this part-time!

12. Marketing Consultant

There is lots of potential for freelancers in this business! Tasks may include assisting a company with marketing materials, social media or blogging. Median Salary: $108,000

13. Website Designer

Many people are looking for someone to make them a sharp and appealing website. You can create websites from the comfort of your home and make some money! You don’t even need a degree for this. There are thousands of people every day who need someone to design their website. There are free classes online on how to do website design and you can set your own rates.

14. Produce Videos

YouTube is a huge place to connect with people and businesses. Companies are willing to pay people to make videos for them. Pay depends on the company, area, and equipment needed.

15. Become a Green Consultant

With a little research and innovation, you can help companies find ways to be more eco-friendly (without spending extra money). There’s been a huge push for businesses to be more green, so there is a lot of need out there.

16. Copywriter

Got a degree in Marketing, English, Communication, Journalism, or advertising? Or are you just a great writer with a keen eye for detail? Then you’ll be great at this! A copywriter organizes advertising material like newsletters, mailers, we, sites and ads. Median Salary: $55,000

17. Become a Courier

Lots of businesses, especially smaller ones, need the services of a local courier who is flexible. If you live in a city or other busy town, you may find a lot of work.

18. Editor

Another great freelancing job! Some education in Communications or English can help, but is not necessary if you’re already a great writer! Median Salary: $51,470

19. Document Translator

Translating documents could make you some serious side-bucks or even a career if you speak another language fluently. Translation software just doesn’t cut it, and many businesses are international now and need good translators. Median Salary: $43,300

20. Become an Internet Security Consultanthome business, lady with computer and book

Do you have a good knowledge of internet security and have some tech skills too? With all the security breaches these days, nearly every company out there is in need of this kind of consultant.

21. Become a Call Center Representative

A lot of companies are hiring people to work from home to talk to their clients and solve issues with their customer service. All you need is an internet connection and a phone.

22. Write Grants

Lots of organizations like universities and hospitals need money from grants to keep their facilities running. If you can do a few for some non-profit companies for free to gain experience, or already have experience, you may have found a new career! Salary range: $40,300-$67,000

23. Medical Transcription

There is a huge need for transcribing audio into reports. It may sound like a scam, but it is a real job that medical care centers need. A two-year degree may be required, so you understand medical terms. Median Salary: $32,900

24. Debt Collector

A phone and computer are all you need to start working from your home. You do need to be brave though as calls from a debt collector are rarely met with friendliness. However, with a little courage and practice, you can start making quick money. Median Salary: $31,300

home business, clipart cow

Turn your Hobby into a Cash Cow

The fun things you love to do in your spare time could become a great home side-hustle or even a small career!

25. Animal Breeding

If you are going to be home anyway, animal breeding is an excellent choice since the animals can need a lot of attention. If you’ve already got a purebred dog or cat, getting another to start your breeding business may be all you need! Check with your local community on regulations and licensing as they can be strict. Many people make incredibly successful full-time careers working from home in this business!

26. Sell Crafts on Etsy

Love crafting? Do you make handknit mittens, jewelry, artwork or other marketable craft? You can make some good money by opening a shop on Etsy. Keep an eye out for trends and popular items. Catering to trends will help you make that extra dough by appealing to demand. Also, if you can find a niche area of interest, you can make crafts to serve that audience and dominate the market.

27. House-Sit

If you need more time for your hobbies, house sitting will bring you money while giving you free time. You might be surprised how many opportunities there are to housesit for people–and get paid! Tasks may include staying at the house while the individual is gone, minor cleaning and maintenance, organizing mail, and short errands.

If you present yourself as a professional, provide references and even a background check you’ll be sure to get the clients rolling in! Once you’ve done a good job with a client or two, having them give you a review online or sharing your contact information with their friends and relatives is an easy way for you to advertise your services.

28. Become a Life Coach

Love helping others? If you are a positive, motivated, compassionate individual, you could become a life coach! Certification is relatively short, and there is room for growth if you want to get more education. You can gather clients or even work up to coaching on the corporate level (which pays more). Salary range $1,000-$10,000 per month (according to lifecoach.com)

29. Furniture Builder

Handmade, quality furniture is hard to come by these days, it seems. You can work from home and start selling your projects online to bring in some money from your hard work!

30. Organizer

Do you organize rooms and closets and enjoy it? Lots of people don’t and will gladly give you money to do it for them! You can make a pretty good business organizing for others.

31. Herb Farmer

Love gardening? There’s a high demand for organic or locally grown herbs as people use them for cooking or home remedies these days.  It’s easy to make a little space at your home to expand your garden, and you’ll be growing your wallet along with your herbs! Most people don’t have a garden in the city. So, in urban areas, you may have even more opportunities. 

32. Bakerhome business, lemon cake

Baking does not come naturally to us all, and many don’t have time to whip up a luscious dessert or bread. If you are good at baking, creating cakes, desserts, bread or pastries can make you a pretty penny. 

33. Write E-books

In today’s day and age, you don’t have to wait around for a company to publish you. It’s really easy to self-publish online and start making money. It may be slow at first, but as you gain followers and fans, you can make quite a lot of money. There are best sellers out there that began as e-books. Who knows? Maybe your book is next!

34. Sewing

Creating products like baby clothes or blankets to sell at a craft market or online can bring in some good money! If you’ve got alteration skills, you’ll be able to get a lot of business during prom and wedding season. Off-season there are plenty of people with ill-fitting outfits that need tweaking.  

35. Stage Homes

Love rearranging furniture? Got a good eye for putting a room together? You can make it a business by helping realtors stage homes to make them look their best and sell quickly.

36. Repair Electronics

Like tinkering with electronics? Good at fixing broken computers? Make your hobby a home business! Many people are looking for an independent repairer to fix computers or tablets because repairs through a manufacturer can be costly. Median Salary: $49,170

37. Mystery Shopping

If you love shopping, why not get paid to do it for others? Be careful of companies that ask for a fee–they are probably scams. Mystery shoppers who shop for reputable companies can make anywhere from $8-$100 each job. this is great if you are already on a shopping trip anyway.

38. Personal Stylisthome business, men's clothng

Are you already great at putting outfits together and finding flattering looks for every body type? Become a personal stylist, and help other people to look their best and feel confident!

39. Be a Personal Chef

Lots of people don’t have time to cook, and some of them would rather pay someone to do it for them. If you like cooking and present yourself as professional and able to follow strict dietary restrictions for allergies, health needs, or personal preferences, you could do really well! There are often listings in Craig’s List for people looking for personal chefs.

40. Teach others How to Bargain Hunt

Are you a deal hunter? If you’ve got couponing and bargain shopping skills, you can teach what you know to others and make some money that way. People have made entire careers from teaching others how to be frugal.

41. Be a Catererhome business, food platters

Love to cook? Good, because many people don’t like to or don’t have time. Why not start a catering business at your house? It will take a bit of figuring out to decide the scale of what you are comfortable making. Also factor in materials costs. You can begin with small assignments and move up to larger ones once you’ve got the hang of it. That’s how Martha Stewart started!

42. Repair and Refinish Furniture

If fixing or refinishing furniture is something you like to do, you can sell your pieces for some extra money. Garage sale finds can be fixed and repainted into really cool, unique pieces that customers will love.

43. Give Tours

If you know your town or city well, why not share it with others? You can create your own tour-guide business and make some extra bucks! Make the tour fun or themed and you’ll probably get even more business. 

44. Design Apps

You can get some great income by coming up with an app idea that will make people’s lives or tasks easier. It doesn’t have to be an app idea that will necessarily change the world, but if it’s user-friendly, it might be really successful. So if you’ve got a good idea for a great app, make it pay!

45. Landscaping

Love making your yard and garden look amazing? Make it a business! Many people are willing to pay someone to remodel their yard and do some of that hands-on work that they don’t have time for or just don’t want/know how to do. You may be able to take some classes in landscaping, or you can find an established landscaper to teach you.

Help Others While Making a Living

46. Care for the Elderlyhome business, elderly care

Everyday tasks include visiting seniors at their homes and assisting them with doing small jobs around the house, self-care, and preparing meals are in high demand.

47. Turn Your Home into a Daycare

If you already stay home with your kids, why not watch a few more to get some extra money? You can decide home many children to take on and what hours you’ll watch them. Check out the daycare licensing requirements for your state. 

48. Odd-Hour Daycare

Finding childcare for early mornings, weekends or other odd hours can be hard for parents who work weekends, nights and swing-shifts. Many parents would be grateful (and willing to pay a lot more) for a responsible person to watch their kids during these times.

49. Lawncare

Gardening, lawn care, and snow removal are jobs that people would rather pay someone to do than have to do themselves. You can make a pretty good business in your community!

50. Pet Sitter

You may find people willing to drop their pets off at your house. If not, plan on visiting the pet owner’s house a few times a day. You may find postings online in your area or neighborhood.

51. Walk Dogshome business, dog walker

If you love dogs, you’ll be great! How many jobs let you be in the beautiful outdoors with cute pups? You can find work in any big community or neighborhood and may find postings online from those seeking a dog-walker.

52. Pet Groomer

If you are ok with clipping nails and giving baths and haircuts to animals, you’ll love this! You can turn your bathroom or other free room in your house into a dog salon and start getting customers! If you do a great job and charge less than the pet store groomers and undercut your competition, you’ll probably get a lot of clients.  Check out the requirements for home dog grooming in your area.

53. Be a Meal Planner

Meal-planning is a great way to save money and be healthier, but it’s hard for a lot of people because it takes planning! Who would have guessed? You could organize recipes and grocery lists for clients to help them plan their meals for the week.

54. Travel Plannerhome business, suitcase and passport

Planning a long or event-packed vacation is not for the faint of heart traveler. That’s where you come in! Using the client’s budget, you can find the best deal on hotels, flights and rental cars and make their traveling experience a lot less stressful.

55. Resume writing and review

Got an eye for small detail and writing skills? Those looking for jobs are often willing to pay someone to write an awesome resume for them. Find customers in Freelancer, Upwork, or Fiverr.

56. Party Planner

Planning a birthday, conference, wedding or business event can be overwhelming and complicated. Use your organization skills and plan the party! Lots of people and businesses would love to pay for the extra help to make their event run smoothly! Median Salary: $45,260

57. Converting Digital Media

Are you a techie? Good, because many people are not! Converting CDs into digital files is tedious, and people are willing to pay to have someone else do the leg-work for them.

58. Patient Advocate

Medical billing can be overwhelming and confusing, especially for someone sick or grieving the death of a loved one. You can help them with medical billing and talk to (even argue) with their insurance to assist them.  

59. Child Proofing

Everyone wants to keep their kids safe, and you can help, and make a bit of money along the way. Check the state standards that you’ll need to follow. 

60. Be a Tutorhome business, apple and books

Although helpful, you don’t need to be a certified teacher or have a degree to be a tutor. If you have patience and academic specialty (math, science or reading for example), you can help students in your area.

61. Clutter Removal

Removing clutter items from a house and cleaning it for sale after someone passes away can help you get some extra cash. It’s an important job that usually needs to be done in a time-crunch. Tasks may include bringing junk to the dump, going through items to find sellable goods and selling them for the client.

62. Personal Trainerhome business, personal trainer

Personal trainers can meet clients at a gym or the trainer’s home and can teach them better exercise techniques to get into shape.

63. Teach Music

Are you good at singing, playing an instrument or otherwise musically inclined? You can make a home-business offering singing lessons, or instrument lessons (piano, guitar, etc.). You can pick your hours, and you’ll see the money roll in after you’ve gotten a few students. 

64. Become an Antique Appraiser

While it requires some good reference books, this could be a great job if you love antiques.

65. Clean Houses

An easy business to start! Once you’ve gathered a few clients, you can make quite a good side-hustle this way.

New Technology-Age Job Opportunities

66. Build an Online Storehome business, online shop

If you want to open a store and sell goods, you can do it from your own home! Building an online versus physical store will save tons of money too. You can find a market online for just about any product you make from homemade jams to clothing to toys and jewelry. The best part is that you have all of the world wide web to sell to. You may find customers for your niche products easier online than in a physical store.

67. Get into eBay Sales

You can be an eBay salesperson by finding a reputable, low-cost source of goods and start selling merchandise.


68. Internet Affiliate Marketing

Got a blog or website? Make extra money by selling products or becoming an affiliate marketer! It’s similar to marketing multi-level. Learn more with the course Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers!

69. Make Money with Social Media!

If you’ve got a big following on Twitter, Instagram, or your blog, companies will pay you to advertise! So start earning dinero from your hobby!


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