Frugal Halloween Costumes for Frightening Fun!


If you’re strapped for cash this Halloween, don’t worry.  It’s easy to use some items from around your house, with a couple of cheap supplies from the $ Store or Amazon to create a fun, homemade costume, no sewing required!

We’ve got some great ideas for men, women, and kids that we think you’ll love. Take a look at the pictures to get some inspiration and start looking around your house for things you can use for your costume! 

9 Homemade Costume Ideas

cheap Halloween costumes

cheap Halloween costume

1. Cowboy 

cheap Halloween costume

Supplies from around the house: Jeans, a bandana to wear around the neck, long-sleeve shirt with collar, cowboy hat, belt, a coil of rope, or brown cord to wear on a belt loop. 

Examples on Amazon: Boys’ Cowboy Full Costume, Cowgirl OutfitMen’s Cowboy Costume


2. Saloon Girl

Supplies from around the house: Fun, frilly shirt or dress, fishnet stockings, feather boa, headband with feathers, or other accessories. Cheap Accessories: Fishnet Stockings Price: $6.89, Feather boa Price: $2.59  Example on Amazon: Saloon Girl Full Costume

cheap Halloween costume

cheap Halloween costume

3. Vampire

Being a Vampire has got to be the easiest costume ever! All you need to buy is a set of fake teeth.

Supplies from around the house: black clothing, a cape, and some fake blood at the corners of your mouth and you are set to scare the neighborhood! 

cheap Halloween costume

cheap Halloween costume

Cheap Accessories: Vampire Teeth caps Price: $2.99, Vampire Cape Price $8.20, Fake Blood Price: $4.57

Examples on Amazon: Boys’ Vampire Costume, Mens’ Vampire Costume, Womens’ Vampire Costume


cheap Halloween costume

4. Cleopatra

cheap Halloween costume

You can easily create your Egyptian dress from a white sheet or tablecloth, add accessories, some black winged eyeliner, and voila! You are the Queen of the Nile!

Supplies from around the house: plain white bedsheet or white tablecloth, (wrap the sheet or piece of cloth around you in toga style) or white t-shirt dress, gold belt or ribbon, accessories such as gold-colored bangles or bracelets, necklaces, earrings, headband.

Cheap Accessories:  T-shirt dress Price: $11.99, Snake Headdress Price: $12.29 Egyptian necklace Price: $13.99

cheap Halloween costume

cheap Halloween costumeExamples at Amazon: Cleopatra costumeCleopatra Girls’ Costume

5. Sugar Skull/Day of the Dead Costume cheap Halloween costume

Supplies from around the house: You’ll need to paint your face in sugar-skull fashion, add a few accessories and you’ll look Maravilloso! This is a great costume for guys and girls and would make a fun couples costume.

You can find patterns, videos, and ideas online and paint your face using face paint and a mirror, or you buy temporary transfers. Wear Mexican-inspired clothes like items with black or red lace, peasant tops, tunics or a fun, frilly skirt and heels. Blacks, whites, and reds will give this costume the most edge.

cheap Halloween costume

cheap Halloween costume

cheap Halloween costume

cheap Halloween costume







cheap outfit

Cheap Accessories: Halloween Face Paints $6.99, Flower Crown,  $9.99, Sugar skull transfer for men and women$6.98  

Examples from Amazon: Day of the Dead Dress, Women’s Flamenco Costume, Day of the Dead Girls’ Costume

6. Men/Women Bandit

cheap Halloween costume

Supplies from around the house: If you have a black, blue or red and white horizontal striped shirt, you’re halfway there. Pair with black pants and shoes and a black mask or a black piece of cloth with eyeholes cut out tied around your head. Take a brown or white pillowcase and draw on a $ with a sharpie, you can put a pillow inside or some other stuffing and tie the bag off at the top with twine or a rubber band to create your “moneybag.”

Cheap Accessories: Black and white striped shirt Price: $13.99, Bandit Mask Price: $3.30

Example on Amazon: Bandit Costume

cheap Halloween costume

7. Pink ladies/50’s Girlcheap Halloween costume

Supplies from around the house: If you have a mid-length skirt then all you need to add is accessories. Tuck a t-shirt or light sweater in, add some funky glasses, a little scarf, wear flats with socks, or a colorful plastic headband to complete the look.

Examples at Amazon: Poodle Skirt Outfit


cheap Halloween costume

cheap Halloween costume

8. Minions

Supplies from around the house: This is a very easy costume for kids and adults! Get a yellow t-shirt, jeans and suspenders or overalls. Next, you need goggles or glasses or make them from plastic cups. Or you can buy them already made.

Cheap Accessories: Minion Goggles Price $5.99.  Yellow shirt Price: $7.93, Yellow Hat Price: $4.99

Examples on Amazon: Minion kidsWomen’s Minion Costume

cheap Halloween costume

9.Dora the Explorer

cheap costumes

This is an adorable costume for a little girl that only requires a few items. Orange shorts, pink t-shirt, purple backpack, and stuffed monkey are all you need! See the Dora outfit on Amazon.

For more costume ideas, head over to Amazon’s Halloween Shop.

Affordable Costumes on Amazon


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