I Hated Couponing Until I Found These Apps!

Do you wish you could use coupons, but you don’t know how? If it was easier, would you do it? Well, it just got easier!

Ok, I’m going to confess. I watched a cable show a few years ago called, “Extreme Couponing,” and I got this crazy idea that somehow I could replicate their results. So I looked up all the couponing info online, got a coupon binder, and set to work.

Well, guess what? I was terrible at it. Mainly because it is so time consuming and has such a low payout. Plus in order to do the extreme couponing, I would have to buy stuff I didn’t even need or want. So I gave up. After that, I would only use coupons every now and then when one was staring me in the face because it was plastered to a product in the grocery store.

Then, I discovered some apps that completely changed couponing forever. These apps make it so much easier, and I don’t even have to clip a single coupon. No binders. No hunting and clipping. It’s the perfect mix of technology and savings.

I have reviewed the top 17 couponing apps available so you can choose the right one for you. (This article contains affiliate links.)

The Top 17 Couponing Apps Available

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