Are You Overspending on School Supplies?

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school supplies

6 Essentials That Are Surprisingly Cheaper On Amazon

Did you know the average K12 parent spend $100 on school supplies? That’s not counting new school clothes and backpacks… That’s just the basics like pens and paper! So how can you make sure you don’t overspend on supplies this school year? I’ve researched and compared prices for many basic essentials and have compiled a list of which items are cheaper on Amazon.

Now, keep in mind, some items actually are not cheaper on Amazon, such as erasers and crayons. But there are still many items which you can save some money on by getting them online. Here they are:

Spiral-Bound Notebook

Walmart: $5.57
Target: $2.99
Amazon: $1.76 (for a 6-pack)

Or, you can get notebooks for just $1.25 each if you buy this nifty 4-pack.

A notebook is something all your kids will need at some point, which is why I recommend getting a 4-pack or 6-pack to save money in the long run.

1″ 3-ring binder

Walmart: $7.49
Target: $10.99
Amazon: $5.06

3″ Zipper Binder

Walmart: $14.42
Target: $16.99
Amazon: $13.89



Walmart: $2.89 for 1 dozen ($0.24/pencil)
Target: $2.57 for 1 dozen ($0.21/pencil)
Amazon: $9.98 for 144 ($0.07 per pencil)

Or you can get a 96-pack for $7.99, which is about $0.08 per pencil:

Ball-Point Pens

Walmart: $5.23 for 36 pens ($0.14/pen)
Target: $4.34 for 12 pens ($0.36/pen)
Amazon: $3.79 for 36 pens ($0.11/pen)

Glue Sticks

Walmart: $1.97 for 4-pack ($0.49/gluestick)
Target: $0.99 for 2-pack ($0.49/gluestick)
Amazon: $8.39 for 30-pack ($0.28/gluestick)

This same 30-pack is available for almost $1 more at Target and Walmart.


Walmart: $10.76 for 12-pack
Target: $6.99 for 12-pack
Amazon: $5.40 for 50-pack!

Those are just some basics, but there are many other cheap school supply products on Amazon. You can shop them all by grade here.

You can also find other cheap back-to-school items on Amazon like Back to School Clothes and cute, affordable lunchboxes.  Here are some examples of some fun back-to-school stuff I found:


Where is your favorite place to shop for school supplies? Share your own money saving tips in the comments below to help the other readers save.

Take the Debt Free School Year Challenge or find ways to save even more money on school supplies with this post. Only buy what you can afford. If you are looking for help to set up a budget, click here. Come back soon for more money management advice from a professional accountant, entrepreneur, and college instructor. I can teach you to prepare your own taxes, start a business, budget, be frugal, make more money, save money, and so much more! If you have specific questions, Ask the Accountant.

school supplies

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